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I want to make it unequivocally clear to all residents of Pinal County, AZ: I am not accepting any funds from special interest groups, Maricopa County lobbyists, or home builders. My campaign is self-funded, ensuring that I am beholden to no one but the people of Pinal County. This is my commitment to you – that I will serve with integrity, always prioritizing your needs and interests above all else."

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$90 Million Stolen? Does anyone go to jail or do they get reelected? I said this money would go to the Roads around the 27,000 new homes, was I right? Read More

Area's taken off the 911 Emergency list by Kent Volkmer? Who failed us? The County Supervisors or Kent? Read More

$21Million to build, $299,050.73 to wire separately and the invoice starts with $10K Misc, then a Spending spree $541 to $270.74 on each 50' HDMI cable that costs us $19 on Amazon? Theft or Stupidity by Kent Volkmer and our County supervisors? Read More

Overbuilding New Homes

We can't support the Crime, Drugs, Traffic, Water, and overpacked schools that 27,000+ new homes will bring!

The Dog Pound needs a complete overhaul. Dogs have been there for years. The 3rd party site we use used to give residents malware. Read More

Until I got involved we had NO rewards program, The County ran with my ideas (No Credit to me) but watered it down making it the Rewards Program worthless. I have mapped out over 450 piles of trash, dead horses, roof tiles, and worse. Read More

We have good code enforcement officers who can't do their job right, its leadership and management they currently have none. Bad codes, outdated ordinances, and lack of enforcement all of this needs to change. Read More

Pinal County Crime

If you don't discourage it now it's only going to get worse when the 27,000 plus new homes are built and Blackrock moves in the latest refugees to go to school with your kids. Read More

I came out against Props 416,417,469 when it started. I was in full agreement with the Goldwater Institute. This was an unconstitutional tax and the county supervisors and attorney knew it. That's monumental theft or stupidity which is it? And why are we voting for Republicans who want to RAISE TAXES? All 5 Supervisors and their lobbyists favored this tax on you and your family! $300 Per Year Per Person in your household!

Reviving an Effective Tradition | Wanted Dead or Alive.. Just Kidding Alive

In Pinal County, we face a series of challenges that impact our community's safety, environment, and quality of life. From illegal dumping in our beautiful desert landscapes to the growing concerns around illegal immigration issues, and the devastating impact of drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine, our community requires innovative solutions. Drawing inspiration from historical practices of offering rewards for information leading to the arrest of lawbreakers, I propose a modern adaptation: a substantial rewards program to combat these pressing issues.

The Power of Community Involvement
Community-Driven Solutions: The heart of this initiative lies in empowering our community members to be active participants in safeguarding our county. By offering rewards ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 or more for crucial information leading to arrests and convictions, we encourage vigilance and involvement. This approach not only aids law enforcement but also fosters a sense of collective responsibility.

Combating Illegal Immigration Through Informed Action
Supporting Lawful Processes: Illegal immigration is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach. By offering rewards for actionable information, we encourage community members to be part of the solution, ensuring that immigration processes are respected and laws are upheld, thereby supporting both our community's safety and the legal pathways to immigration.

Targeting the Scourge of Drugs: A Focus on Dealers of Fentanyl and Meth
Protecting Our Community from Drug Epidemics: The impact of drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine on communities is devastating. By incentivizing the reporting of drug dealing activities, this program aims to dismantle the networks that bring these harmful substances into our neighborhoods. The rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of drug dealers are not just monetary; they represent a crucial step in reclaiming our streets from the grip of these dangerous substances.

Addressing Illegal Dumping: Protecting Our Natural Heritage
Preserving the Beauty of Pinal County: Illegal dumping in the desert is not just an eyesore; it's an environmental hazard and a disrespect to our natural heritage. Offering rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible will serve as a strong deterrent. This initiative will contribute significantly to keeping our deserts clean, protecting wildlife, and maintaining the natural beauty that we cherish.

Crackdown on Unauthorized Firearms Usage
Safeguarding Public Safety: Unauthorized shooting in the desert poses significant risks to public safety and wildlife. By incentivizing residents to report such activities, we can ensure that these areas remain safe for everyone. The reward program sends a clear message: reckless endangerment of our community will not be tolerated.

"Farewell Illegal Fireworks": Safely Lighting the Way to a New Policy
As Pinal County embraces a new phase of community safety and environmental consideration, I'm excited to introduce the "Farewell Illegal Fireworks" initiative. This innovative program not only aligns with our new rewards program targeting illegal fireworks but also respects the community's fondness for these vibrant displays. Understanding the transition from illegal fireworks use can be significant, so we offer a safe and enjoyable alternative. For the next two years, alongside the implementation of the rewards program, Pinal County will host specially organized events where residents can safely light off their remaining fireworks.

Ensuring Ethical and Responsible Implementation
Transparency and Accountability: To ensure the success and integrity of this rewards program, strict guidelines will be in place. The process for claiming rewards will be transparent, and safeguards will be established to prevent misuse or false reporting. Collaboration with local law enforcement and legal experts will ensure that the program operates within legal and ethical boundaries.

Funding the Program: A Sustainable Approach
Effective Use of Resources: Funding for the rewards program will be carefully planned to ensure sustainability. This may involve a combination of county funds, grants, and partnerships with local businesses and community organizations. The investment in this program is an investment in the safety and well-being of our community.

Conclusion: A Call to Action for a Safer, Cleaner Pinal County
As a candidate for Pinal County Supervisor District 5, I am committed to innovative and effective solutions to the challenges we face. This rewards program is more than a policy proposal; it is a call to action for every resident of our community to take an active role in preserving the safety, beauty, and integrity of our county. Together, we can make Pinal County District 5 a safer, cleaner, and more prosperous place for all.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Pinal County, I want to share with you a journey I embarked upon, one that speaks volumes about our current environmental challenges and the need for proactive leadership. Day after day, I personally cataloged over 450 piles of trash and discarded items desecrating our beautiful desert. It was a painstaking effort to create a detailed map of this neglect, highlighting a problem that had been overlooked for too long.

This wasn't just about collecting data; it was about taking a stand. I had to forcefully bring this issue to the attention of the current Pinal County Supervisors, a task that should not have been so arduous. It's clear evidence of a system that requires not just change, but immediate action.

Join me in this fight. Together, we can implement the right solutions and ensure that such significant environmental concerns are not just acknowledged but addressed promptly and efficiently. With your support, we can protect and preserve the natural beauty of Pinal County for ourselves and future generations.

David Malton For Pinal County Supervisor


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