Pinal County Attorney's Building - Theft or Stupidity?

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We are going to need this page for later use. Also just a side not as I am building this page, I have asked Kent Volkmer what happened to the link to the invoice for this $300K Wiring Project, as its not on the county website any longer where it used to be. This shows the County buying 50' HDMI Cables for $541 each with no specified limit. The whole invoice was like this. Are we on the hook for 50 HDMI Cables? I'm sure he will get that link to us quickly and maybe even try to explain how this happen... There is no justifying this. Smells very funny. Does the wiring company's owner given any political donations to anyone you know in Casa Grande Kent?

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Kent Volkmer & Pinal County Supervisors Giving the OK To Pay $541 Dollars for HDMI Cables that Cost Us $19 on Amazon?

Why are taxpayers paying $541 for an HDMI Cable we can purchase on Amazon for $19?

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