Intensifying enforcement against illegal firearm use in restricted areas

Illegally Shooting Firearms in Pinal County Arizona

As a 15+ year resident of Pinal County and a dedicated advocate for public safety, I understand the need to address the reckless use of firearms in our community. My personal experiences have driven me to propose a comprehensive solution to this growing concern. Recently, my own home and truck were struck by stray bullets, an incident that brought home the real dangers of shooting in areas you're not allowed. This is not just a violation of our safety; it's an assault on our peace of mind. No resident should live in fear of being harmed in their own neighborhood, nor should our children face risks at their school bus stops.

To combat this issue, I am proposing a robust rewards program that offers financial incentives, ranging from $2,500 to $10,000, for reporting individuals who discharge firearms in illegal areas, such as state trust lands, Pinal County-owned lands, and BLM lands. These are not remote playgrounds for irresponsible gun use; they are parts of our shared environment that must be respected and protected. This initiative is not just about enforcing laws; it's about cultivating a culture of responsibility and awareness. Illegal shooters often target items like abandoned TVs, toilets, and oil drums, causing environmental damage and potential hazards. By incentivizing vigilant reporting, we can significantly reduce these dangerous activities.

This policy is more than a measure to prevent the misuse of firearms; it's a commitment to preserving the sanctity of our community spaces and ensuring the safety of every resident in District 5. By working together, we can send a clear message: irresponsible and illegal firearm use has no place in Pinal County. Let's unite to protect our homes, our environment, and most importantly, our families.

  1. Immediate Financial Incentive for Reporting Illegal Shooting:

  2. Offering rewards ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 significantly motivates community members to report illegal firearm activities. This direct approach not only encourages community vigilance but also serves as a deterrent to potential violators. By implementing this policy, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our residents, ensuring that those who choose to disregard the law are held accountable.

  3. Enhancing Public Safety in Residential and Public Areas:

  4. My policy directly responds to the increasing concerns about stray bullets in residential areas, including the experience of my own home and vehicle being struck. By targeting illegal shooting in unauthorized areas, we significantly reduce the risk of injury or death to innocent bystanders. The policy is not just about law enforcement; it’s about creating a safe environment for our children and families.

  5. Protecting the Environment from Irresponsible Disposal of Waste:

  6. Illegal shooters often use discarded items like TVs, toilets, and oil drums as targets, leading to environmental degradation. This behavior not only pollutes our beautiful landscapes but also poses a serious health risk. Our policy combats this reckless behavior by encouraging reports of such activities, thus preserving the natural beauty of Pinal County and safeguarding public health.

  7. Promoting Responsible Gun Ownership:

  8. This policy reinforces the message that gun ownership comes with the responsibility to respect laws and community safety. By penalizing illegal shooting in unauthorized areas, we encourage gun owners to act responsibly and considerately. This initiative aligns with the principles of safe and lawful gun use, promoting a culture of respect and responsibility among gun owners.

  9. Strengthening Community Engagement and Cooperation:

  10. The rewards program is designed to foster a sense of community and shared responsibility. Encouraging residents to report illegal activities empowers them to take an active role in maintaining safety and order in their neighborhood. This collaborative approach strengthens the bond between community members and law enforcement, creating a united front against illegal activities.

  11. Addressing the Challenge of Illegal Dumping and Misuse:

  12. Illegal dumping often goes hand in hand with illegal shooting. By incentivizing the reporting of such activities, we not only tackle the issue of unauthorized firearm discharge but also address the broader problem of illegal dumping. This holistic approach ensures that our environmental and public safety concerns are addressed simultaneously.

  13. Creating a Model for Responsible Governance:

  14. This policy sets a precedent for how local governments can proactively address community concerns. By listening to the experiences and fears of constituents, including my own, we craft policies that are grounded in reality and aimed at real-world solutions. This rewards program demonstrates a commitment to innovative, responsive governance that prioritizes the welfare of its residents.

Shooting in Illegal Areas in Pinal County
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