$90 Million Stolen | Prop 416, Prop 417, Prop 469

$90 Million Taken From The Community By Maricopa County Lobbyist and Pinal County Supervisors

In my opinion, you judge for yourself this prop was never about Transportation and New Roads for you, it was about you paying for new roads around all the new homes and hoa communities they are building out here. I'm going to share with you on this page videos of those responsible for taxing you $300 per person in your house and then losing the money... But first, where are the taxes that are supposed to pay for our roads gone in the first place? Why are Republicans on board with trying to tax us more? Let's learn about HURF Funding:

The Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF) in Arizona is a key source of funding for highway construction and transportation projects within the state. Established in 1974, HURF revenues are generated from various sources, including gasoline and use fuel taxes, motor carrier fees, vehicle license taxes, motor vehicle registration fees, and other miscellaneous fees. These funds are then distributed to counties, cities, towns, and the State Highway Fund. This distribution is essential for the development and maintenance of transportation infrastructure in Arizona, including in areas like Pinal County.

The HURF Exchange Program, in particular, is designed to assist Arizona's cities, towns, and counties (especially those with populations up to 200,000) in designing and building transportation projects. This program provides state funding, allowing local governments to avoid the more expensive and time-consuming federal regulatory requirements that would otherwise apply. This enables more efficient and localized management of transportation projects, ensuring that local needs and priorities are more directly addressed.

HURF is distinct from general sales taxes or other forms of local revenue. It is specifically earmarked for transportation-related expenditures, making it a critical component of the state's infrastructure funding mechanism.

Our Republican leadership wanted to Force this huge tax on us instead of getting our HURF Funds Returned

Propositions 416, 417, and 469 in Pinal County, Arizona, were related to funding transportation and road improvement projects through a half-cent sales tax ($300 Per Person in your household). Proposition 416, approved in 2017, was aimed at creating a network of new roads and freeways throughout Pinal County. Proposition 417 was the funding mechanism for these projects, implemented through a half-cent increase in the sales tax. However, the taxing structure of Proposition 417 was challenged by the Goldwater Institute and subsequently ruled unconstitutional by the Arizona Supreme Court in 2022. The Court found that the taxing structure was invalid because it improperly exempted transactions over $10,000.

Proposition 469 was introduced as a retooled version of the earlier propositions. It sought to reauthorize the half-cent sales tax to generate an estimated $1.096 billion in transportation funding for the Pinal Regional Transportation Plan. This plan included significant projects like the construction of a North-South Corridor and an extension of State Route 24. However, Proposition 469 faced defeat in the November elections, indicating challenges in securing voter support for these transportation funding initiatives.

So how much money did this take from Pinal County Residents & Business owners? $87 Million Dollars!

For a family with an annual spending of $80,000 on taxable goods (Cars, Clothing, Your Guns) and services, a half-cent sales tax increase would result in an additional annual tax cost of approximately $400 per person (Husband, wife, kids, mother in law x $300 each). Again, this estimate assumes that all of their expenditures are subject to the sales tax, and the actual amount could vary based on the family's specific spending and the taxability of their purchases.

But just think you would not have to read this or worry about it if we voted for Republicans that don't raise taxes and work for Maricopa County Lobbyists who have been planning this for over 18 years...

As of the latest information available, about $87 million (Taken out of your Community) collected under Proposition 417 in Pinal County, Arizona, is currently held in escrow. This amount represents the funds collected from the transportation excise tax brought to you by Pinal County Supervisors and their Maricopa County Lobbyist in 2017, which was later ruled invalid by the Arizona Supreme Court. The Pinal Regional Transportation Authority Board of Directors (Who are these people, who voted them in to have an opinion?) has approved a plan to work with Pinal County businesses and entities, along with the Arizona Department of Revenue, to manage (Help Figure out how to keep as much of this stolen money as possible) the process of refunding these tax receipts. This situation arose following the legal challenge to the tax's structure, which was spearheaded by the Goldwater Institute.

I believe plans should be put forth and the people decide on what should be done. Our money, Our Government, Our Decision. Keep Maricopa County Lobbyist out of this!

Money Stolen Forever From Our Communities!



The only way to change things in Pinal county is to cut the head of the snake and stop doing business with Jordan Rose and the Rose Law Group. Any Supervisor or any politician that takes money from Jordan or anyone affiliated with her should immidietly lose your vote!

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